" Products that we deliver, made better than the inspired ones "


An international brand marketing company that specializes in improving the online presence of a Business and services. Our team is filled with experienced members in Marketing, Web design and Online reputation(SM). Team members are recruited for their unique talent and vision to drive people on a progressive path.


We adapt to the latest technologies evolving within the Internet sphere to showcase our clients business and services. A good creation may take its time but its implementation derives the outcome. We believe that Internet is a medium and common source to all.


To achieve our vision we use the key services like Web design, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing and Social media. Our process is 100% transparent and guaranteed to bring results. We believe proper communication structures the strong foundation to the company.


" Inspiration is all we see and it will be made on the shape of you "
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    Founder & CEO
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    Karthik Krishnan

    Creative Head
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    Saravana Kumar

    Head of Digital Operations
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    Saran Kumar

    Head of Client Operations
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    Senior Content Manager
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    Abbas Manthri

    Junior Associate
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    Gokul Krishnan

    Junior Associate

Why are we so special?

" Are You You - Shantel Martin "

People exploring knowledge have grown wider in this universe and the impact of TECH improvements paves the route to connect them and the love of exposing what they do and what they are! ADS learn and observe things from clients and plan the idea which helps them to take the Business to reach heights. We stand with the term Aggrandize which is the core output we believe.

Our entire process is transparent. We will explain exactly how we will work with you, what our plan is and how we will execute it. We will give you our own private staff to work on your project. This means you’ll have a team Who specifically assigned to work with you. So when you need help, you can contact your team and they will get back to you promptly.