5 Content Marketing Ideas to Increase Organic Traffic

If you own a business, it would be foolish not to leverage the power of content marketing to boost your bottom line. Perhaps you already have a blog for your business website, but you are not seeing an increase in your traffic. Fortunately, there is always room to improve your content marketing strategy.
If you are familiar with the Pareto principle, you’ll know that a single, well-executed piece of blog content can dramatically skyrocket your website traffic. Sounds too good to be true? Here are 5 content marketing ideas that you can implement today to get your traffic flowing.
Create that your audience wants
You can’t just write content blindly and hope a topic sticks. You need to figure out what are the topics that your audience love, and create a series of similar material, so your readers will stick around and read more articles. If they do, it increases the average engagement time of your site, which moves your website up the SEO ranks.
There are a few ways you to identify what your readers like: Ask your email subscribers: Create email autoresponders that you can blast and ask your readers what they wish to learn. You should get some high-quality feedback since they have already subscribed to your mailing list.
Research your competition: This method is excellent if you’re just starting out and you have no clue what content gets readers. Do research on other blogs that belong to the same niche as your business and figure out what’s working for other sites. A Google search should give you a clear picture of your competition.
If you’re in the pet grooming business, just enter a keyword phrase like “dog grooming tips” to see what articles are already in the first position in the search results. Click on that and look through their site, and soon you’ll get an idea of what you should write about.
Keyword Research
Like your content, you can’t write blindly with keywords that nobody searches for. The key is to focus your articles on relevant topics and keywords deliberately. There are a ton of keyword research tools out there to take the guesswork out of keyword research, but we’ll going to share some free methods:
Google keyword planner: This is a great free tool to get started with keyword ideas. Just put in a few keywords and phrases, and the tool will generate a ton of ideas for you to write about.
Google search: That’s right, using the good ol’ Google search can yield valuable keyword ideas for your content. Do you notice the list of phrases called ‘Searches related to [search]’ that you see at the bottom of the search results?
These are your long tail keywords, which are related searches that people are running. Make a list of these phrases and find a way to include them in your article copy.
Create Attractive Images and Headlines
Even if you have written the best content in the world, it won’t matter unless you get people to click on it. This is where your headline and your header image play their part. It needs to get the readers curious.
First, you’ll need a headline that entices readers. You don’t need to write anything smart, but you need to convey the topic of your content clearly. Don’t try to be overly clever with word puns or you’ll risk misleading your audience. Remember to include your keywords in your title as well. For your image, you need to display your headline prominently, as well as an attention-grabbing (yet relevant) graphic. This can be done in minutes using Photoshop. Pictures are great because it makes your content shareable on Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram.
Create Evergreen content
Evergreen content refers to articles that do not get outdated. In today’s information age, nobody wants to read a list of ‘Best headphones of 2016.’ Making your content evergreen means you don’t need to keep churning out content non-stop, only to have them go outdated in a few months. Instead, you can plan your content topics carefully, and push out content once a week (or even a month) that will get people clicking for years.
Before you publish your blog post, ask yourself if you would still read this article next year. If not, go back and write it again. Sometimes timely content can be tweaked at a different angle to become evergreen. For example, if you are blogging about the recent closure of a car-riding startup, you can instead create a list article (or listicle) about “Top app startup failures.”
Unless you already have a ton of evergreen content, stay away from topics that are seasonal. ‘The best Christmas log cakes’ won’t be getting clicks around the year compared to ‘Most delicious cupcakes.’ While the log cakes article can capitalize on the holiday season buzz, it’s the latter article that will drive traffic consistently throughout the year.
Make your content easy to read
The way you write your blog posts can either engage your readers in an exciting novel or put them to sleep. To make your content flow, you need to keep it light and optimize your content for readability.
The key is to write like you’re in a conversation. You need to imagine the reader is standing in front of you and you are speaking directly to him or her. That means short sentences, short paragraphs and don’t use too many complicated words.
Your writing tone-of-voice is essential too. Avoid writing in passive voice and write in a first-person perspective. Even the most formal and stiff-collared businesses are doing this nowadays because they realize how effective it can be, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t write this way.
If your content has a lot of technical facts, use visual elements to help you. Place relevant videos, images, charts to help illustrate your point. Even bullet points can make your article easier to digest for your readers. Readers love to scan through long pieces of text, and having these visual elements helps them to pick out the pieces of info they want in your article.
Drive traffic with these ideas
It is not difficult to rake in organic traffic, as long as you have a sound content strategy and engaging content. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg – there are so many ways to drive traffic to your blog.
The old adage of ‘Measure twice, cut once’ can be applied to content marketing. Having a carefully planned, well-thought-out blog article will reap more benefits than writing content blindly without the proper research or structure. Follow these tips closely,and soon your audience will notice your content, and you will start seeing significant traffic increase.